Sydney Observatory – Luna Park – Thai dinner

Today was another fun-filled sightseeing day, which just goes to show how much there is to do in this city. There are still plenty of activities I haven’t been to and hope to be able to explore by month’s-end. We started the day by taking a long walk around the harbour and up towards the Sydney Observatory. Located on Observatory Hill, the telescope was built in 1874 and is the oldest refractor telescope in Australia currently in regular use. They do a whole host of tours throughout the day and night and there is once again another stunning view of the city!

Now I mentioned in a previous post that there were very few buskers around the city. To my delight, that is a rather inaccurate statement to have made. On our travels I have heard a saxophonist, a piano player, didgeridoo player and a whole host of other entertainment including fire-breather, young Irish dancers and stilt-walker. It seems these wonderful entertainers only really make an appearance at the weekend when the city is alive with visitors from incoming cruise ships as well as other parts of Australia. Next weekend I hope to grab a quick video of all the entertainment I see and share it on here!

Next, we took a quick ferry ride over to Luna Park, a carnival park given to the city of Sydney after the completion of Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is built where the old bridge works used to stand and is a rare example of a 1930s style carnival. It has been wonderfully preserved, with all the old fairground games and funhouse still in working condition. There are a few new ride additions to the park as well. Though we didn’t go on any rides (this time), the whole feel of the place including the 1930s music that blasts throughout the park is like stepping back into a vibrant period of history. Definitely a place to go back to during this trip!

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To finish off the evening, we met up with one of Chris’s friends for dinner at an amazing Thai restaurant just past central station. The food was plentiful and very tasty and the service was leaps and bounds ahead of last nights experience. Sydney is so ethnically diverse that I could experience authentic food from all across the world without ever needing to leave! I wonder what the coming weeks will have in store…


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