Chinese dumplings – Government House – Cockatoo Island – Luna Park

So, I had planned to share something a bit different his evening, but technology and time have not quite worked in my favour so you will have to stay tuned and wait for me to reveal what I had planned. 

On another note, after the rain of yesterday, today was gloriously sunny. I, of course had dressed for a slightly chillier day so had to suffer wearing jeans as the sun beat down! Before I get into my outdoor activities; this morning I was taken for brunch by Iain and Jing, a couple Chris and I met for dinner last week. Apparently, it is very popular in China to go for dumplings on a Sunday morning and Wow! was the restaurant packed! The food was wonderfully delicious and Jing made sure to pick out the tastiest dumplings for me to try. It is very different to any Chinese food I have ever had before and makes me quite tempted to plan a trip to China!

I spent the afternoon exploring parts of Sydney I didn’t get the chance to see last weekend. I started with Government House as I knew that I wanted to go on the tour after the scouting trip on Friday. The house is stunningly decorated and we received a fascinating and detailed history from our tour guide Jan. She even told me all about the piano that is currently in the drawing room. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to share as photography is strictly forbidden inside the house. After all, the Governor needs some privacy!

On our drip from Parramatta to Circular Quay last week, the boat had stopped off at Cockatoo Island and I was immediately intrigued. From the ferry it looked like a park but it could be further from it! It was once hosted some of the cruelest convicts who had come to Australian, many of whom were trapped on the island by the choppy sea and their lack of skills in swimming. Despite this a few did manage to escape! By the early 20th century, it had become a ship yard dock and it still has the early 20th centruy cranes and machinery. Overall, the island is interesting but very odd. There are lots of camp sites and a historic home where visitors are encouraged to stay. There is also a ghost tour that takes place on certain nights (will definitely be checking that out!)

Shortly after, I was back on the ferry heading towards Luna Park. I was really keen to visit the park again and to take time exploring all the 1930s features. Unfortunately, by the time I made it over, the park was already winding down for the day. It looks stunning at night when it is all lit up so I may pop back one evening this week for another peak.


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