Quick post tonight – so much going on, so little time!

This will be another quick blog post this evening, as it is already the wee hours of the morning and I have lots to be thinking about and getting on with before the final stretch! Yesterday, I spent most of the morning at the NSW State Library photographing more of the Murray Papers. I literally took pictures until I had no more space left on my phone, but by that point it was 3pm and I wanted to spend some of the day exploring.

I also had to say goodbye to my travelling companion, Chris who was flying back to Scotland. But not before I took him on a jaunt to a graveyard!

I found out that Nicholas-Charles Bochsa was buried only 10 minutes walk from where we are staying. ‘Who is this gentleman’ I hear you ask? Well, I am sure he would be barely known at all, if it were not for a scandalous episode that took place at the end of his life. He was the lover of Anna Bishop, a famous 19th century opera singer who was married to composer Henry Bishop. But she ran off with dear old Nicky and toured around the world. In Sydney, Nicholas came to his end, but Anna erected a rather elaborate tomb in Camperdown  Cemetery, Newtown.


Perhaps a little odd that we spent a Saturday evening hunting for a tomb in a grave yard, but it is another glimpse into history that I simply couldn’t pass up!


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