Fun in the city and a ghost tour!

Yesterday, I set myself a rather ambitious challenge to visit a lot of different places including St Mary’s Cathedral, Fort Denison, Vaucluse House, Chinatown and ending the day with a ghost tour around The Rocks. I am pleased to say I managed to do everything except Fort Denison. I didn’t realise only private ferry companies go to this island and the line was very long for tickets, so I will miss out on that for this visit. However, I did create a vlog all about my travels around the city if you want to see what I got up to!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I did have a great day travelling around and managed to ride on all forms of public transport throughout the day (not really an achievement, but I like that I have been on the bus, train and ferry in Sydney). The weather was glorious and I got to visit quite a few of the places I have been wanting to see.

However, the ghost tour was a highlight. Now whether you are a believer or not, I love going on ghost tours in cities, because it is another glimpse into the history of a city that you might not otherwise hear. This tour was especially entertaining, mainly because we had the opportunity to explore inside different venues around The Rocks. I have been on a lot of ghost tours throughout Britain and I have never been allowed to roam around a 19th century house, in the dark! While there was some fun intervention such as knocks at the door and the servant bell ringing, just to elevate your senses, we were really left to explore the buildings alone. This meant I got to see 19th century locations I wouldn’t other wise see – albeit by torchlight. So, if you are interested in a more gruesome side to history or just want to find something a bit different and fun to do, I would recommend The Rocks Ghost Tour.


Enough of the free promotion! I am glad that I had the time to enjoy my final Sunday in Sydney but never fear – the next few days will be jam packed with conference activities before I leave for home!



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