A relaxing Easter day and the hunt for Mary Windebank’s grave

All the fellows collectively decided to have a relaxing Easter Day. I attended the local church service at St Nicholas Church and I found myself drifting into thoughts about the Austen family as I looked at the plaques dedicated to Jane’s mother, Mrs Austen and Jane’s sister, Cassandra. After the service I was greeted by the local chickens who leisurely strolled past me as I walked back to the Stables.


After a lazy afternoon, we decided to cook a delicious meal together, each one of us contributing a different part of the meal. As the designated Scot, I decided to cook the salmon, which I am pleased to say was enjoyed by all. But I particularly liked the green beans, and mash and poached pears – so basically the whole meal! We were feeling rather full and in need of a walk. But of course, we cannot go out on a ramble for no reason.

After telling tales of 19th-century gothic fiction the idea came to go in search of the grave of Mary Windebank who was murdered in 1758. I discussed this is my video on the walk to Farringdon, where I wasn’t sure if the grave even existed (do check out the video to find out about the murder of this old woman!) Under a cloak of darkness, we headed out to Farringdon in search of the mysterious grave. After about an hour of looking at almost every stone, we finally found the albeit faded, but coveted tomb stone of Mary Windebank.


Unfortunately, our phones were either out of battery or on their last legs and our torches didn’t show the grave in its full splendour. I fully intend to return to the churchyard at Farringdon in the daylight and take more pictures of this fascinating tomb stone.


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