Am I still blogging…?

Well, since this is a blog post the answer is no! However, I did decide to take a break during the month of March, partly due to the UK strikes and partly due to feeling a little overwhelmed with lecture writing, organising exams, presentations and trying to keep on top of home life. I had wanted to do a “1 year of blogging” post, since I had started this site to document my adventures in Sydney last year, but alas that was not to be!

That being said, today marks 1 year from beginning my adventures at Chawton House Library, now known as Chawton House. After spending a wonderful time on the other side of the world, Chawton also proved to be just as exciting in terms of research and meeting new friends and colleagues. At the end of my long-haul adventures, I had so many plans for articles and further research, some of which has been completed (though not as many as I had hoped!)

I am still determined to produce a few more articles for publication but this is where I have a very big problem. In January, I had a very clear deadline for an article and it needed to be finished by that point! I mapped out a plan and stuck to it. In fact, I completed the article a little early and sent it off. Job done! The next month I thought: ‘I will create a deadline for the next one’ and I mapped out a plan. Now I can use the strikes and workload as an excuse, but the truth is I used my weekends to rest and my evenings to mark instead of dedicating it to writing time as I did the previous month. The deadline wasn’t real and even though I felt guilty about not writing, I still didn’t muster the will or energy to do it. So what to do…

Well, one article (a different one I sent in about a year ago) has now come back and requires corrections. That is priority Numero Uno! It has a deadline and it needs to be completed by that point – just the way I like it. I am meeting with a colleague about another article, which also has a deadline so tha will probably come next. After that it is up to me. My goal is to set a deadline six weeks in advance and stick to it! But perhaps I need more motivation. 

Time for some accountability! 

While Facebook groups and project management strategies are really useful, there is nothing like a looming date in the diary. So that is what I will do. A big, scary date telling me I need to click send! Let’s see if I stick to it.


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